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50 Chapters. Over 400 Lessons. More than 3,000 Individual learning activities. 250 Bible story flip books. Whiteboard chapter videos. Animated explainer video . Audio Books. quiz. Life of missionary series and prayer time

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Our vision is to provide #1 online Bible learning path platform for kids to adults.
Our mission is to  see JESUS name lifted everywhere through Bible learning, mission and charity work.

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Reward Systems - Mission and Charity works encourages children to complete learning activities by rewarding them with COINS and GEMS. COINS can be used to “Donate”
money for charities and GEMS can used to assists in mission works. The COINS and GEMS Rewards System makes learning lessons and activities interesting and also teaches an important lesson about mission and charity work at a young age.

sample lesson with activities, videos, quiz, games, books ...!

God's creation - Visual Teaching

Prayer Series - Learning Point

God's creation -Story Book

Activity 1 -Hangman
Memory verse
True or false
True or false
True or false

Let's Play Games......

1. God said, Let there be
2. In the beginning God created the heavens and the
3. Then God said, “Let the land produce
4. Let the water teem with living
5. So God created mankind in his own
6. God made the wild according to their kinds
7. darkness was over the of the deep
8. God blessed them and said, “Be and increase in number
9. Let us make mankind in our image, in our
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